Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Are Your Roses Still Blooming?

Pink roses are my favorite. How does your garden grow on the last day of August?


janice15 said...

I don't have roses yet...they are just growing from some slits...I did purchase a pink Rose bush..but just now transferred it into the ground. I had it in a huge pot and it didn't do a week ago I finally put it into the ground and all kind of leaves are appearing. So I probably won't till next year what will really happen. Though the whole garden is behind it seems. My tomatoes are just now making tomatoes and I should have had many by now..Only I received one medium red one..hummm. bad
Weather here in San Francisco. I know we are know for not the greatest weather but that's no completely true...Happy Wednesday. Janice

pilgrimscottage said...

Sigh. I envision my tiny pink rose bush growing to that size. My neighbor down the road has a beautiful deep pink rose bush I ogle whenever going by.

MsCaroline said...

Now that we live in a high-rise apartment building in Seoul, we have no garden of our own, but the roses planted around the gardens of our apartment complex are still blooming - but not for too much longer, I believe!
Love these roses - they are beautiful!

Karen said...


Summer in Southern California has been on the cool side and my roses haven't performed as well as they usually do.

This image is lovely and the roses remind me of my Cecile Brunner climbing rose.


The Queen Vee said...

The heat and humidity of a Virginia summer do no produced beautiful roses. I love this doorway you've posted but I'll never have one that even closely resembles it.