Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pool of The Year

Have you ever seen a lovelier pool? I wish I knew more about it but I don't. Beautiful photograph too. I had a wonderful weekend...hope you did too. 
It's in Greece. Thanks Marcy and Pauline.


Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Take me away!
I worked too much this weekend.
I need to take a quick dip in this beauty.... think they would mind?!

I would guess this is in Greece on the Aegean Sea.... let me know if you ever find out where it is!

Marcy said...

That is so beautiful! I had to find out more!

Check out - it is a beautiful hotel in Greece. All white interiors and spectacular views - luscious!

Pauline said...

I know where this is and oh how I would love a weekend there:

pilgrimscottage said...


lynda said...

that is the pool of the century!

Lovely post as always. Now if I could just get there!

Be well-