Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hummingbird at The Cottage

I have two hummingbird feeders hanging from my balcony railing but never seem to have my camera handy at the right time. I was too far away from this one sipping nectar from a lamb's ear down below yesterday but at least I can prove they are around. Here is a recipe for hummingbird feeder nectar.


Rose @ Walnut Acre said...


Seeing this reminds me I bought a hummingbird feeder several weeks ago but haven't put it out yet.

RC Reese said...

So lovely! I didn't even know that lambs ears had flowers like that! We, sadly, can't grow them here in Florida. At my old house I have a plant called a firebush that does well here. The hummingbirds loved it! thank you for sharing. ;-)