Monday, July 4, 2011

Beaded Flag Safety Pin and A Reel Mower

I've been meaning to show you this cool beaded safety pin I've been wearing daily since Memorial Day. Purchased for a whopping 25¢ at the last church rummage sale. I love it.

Still life in progress in the front yard. I mowed what I could with the riding mower 2 days ago. The space is tight with the brick wall and the well head so I have to clean up the missed spots with the reel mower and the hand trimmer. The grass was knee high literally because my gas-powered push mower hasn't worked all year. I like this old-timey mower because it makes me feel like I'm 12 years old again. And that's a good thing.


HMCraig said...

That's a really cute lil pin!

We have the same mower. We like it for a couple of different reasons
-if we want to, we can mow at 3 am and not wake anybody up
-no gas/electricity required

The Queen Vee said...

Sweet pin Rosemary with a very sweet price. Love church rummage sales.

Linenqueen said...

That pin is a real winner. If it was in Barney's New York it would be $25 or maybe $250. Who knows, those people price things in some irrelevant way. Irrelevant to the worth of the item that is. Love your blog. Ann