Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ten Ways to Garden on A Budget

  1. Get Free Advice
  2. Grow from seeds
  3. Take cuttings
  4. Swap seeds and seedlings
  5. Plan for next year
  6. Get equipment second-hand
  7. Go to discount stores
  8. Make your own compost
  9. Make your own weedkiller and plant food*
  10. Go from green to grey 
*You can make your own weedkiller and plant food mixture. To kill weeds, spray them with white distilled vinegar full strength, reapplying on any new growth until the weeds die. To make a plant nutrient liquid, mix vinegar and water in a ratio of 1:8, then combine with a separate solution of sugar and water in a mixture of 1:8.

Photograph: Daniel Berehulak/Getty
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Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Great advice!
Do you know how I can get rid of that sticky glue-like mite residue on my indoor Ficus tree?
I am having the hardest time ridding the plant of this residue and would like to do it without buying the stinky toxic smelling pesticides that I had used years ago on the same tree.

Any advice is much appreciated!

Sally Thomas said...

After using white vinegar for years to clean virtually everything in my house, I started using it this year on weeds that like to spring up between the bricks in the back walk. So far it seems to be taking a LOT of vinegar to kill a few weeds -- still, it's cheap (and I totally garden on the cheap) and non-toxic, so I love it.