Monday, May 9, 2011

Mr. Fox Returns with Mange

Remember this fox I photographed at the cottage over the winter with the almost bare tail?

I spotted him yesterday walking in the yard and he looks awful.

One of my readers commented about his tail and said he might have mange.

Should I be worried? Will it get worse? Will it go away; will the fur grow back? Poor thing. He looks otherwise healthy, doesn't he?

7 comments: said...

It does look like the mange. I spoke to a vet a couple of years about the mange and he said that the wild animals get it and you can put medicine inside of food for them. It will only get worse and they will die. That they do suffer. I felt so bad.It is so sad but it happens. I should have become a vet.
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens
Capers of the vintage vixens

libraryeducator said...

he does have mange and YOU can help him. Please read this website
You can buy ivermetin most everywhere as it is used to treat horses, dogs, etc for parasite. Please let us know how he gets on. Thank you.

teaorwine said...

The fox which lives in the woods behind my house also looks unwell to me. He is very thin and his coat appears unhealthy. I have seen what I believe to be the same fox in the past and he was bushy and heavier. Very sad for these wild animals. I suppose one could explain it as "survival of the fittest"?

penelopebianchi said...

Of course it is "survival of the fittest"; however; since we have taken over their is kind and just for us to help them.

Please follow the advice of the above comment. That fox will die without intervention. This is Spring...he probably has a family.....and they can all be cured.....Oh please make that step and good luck.

Fox are beautiful, smart and loyal animals. They take such good care of their young; and risk their own lives every day!

How wonderful you asked! and you can help in a way that will not endanger them in any way.


Sharon Stanley Ruggerio said...

I hope that you can help him, Rosemary. He came to you for a reason. People with hearts for animals just seem to attract creatures who are in distress.

Stacey Snacks said...

Help him. I saw a coyote w/ mange, but didn't see him again. He looks hungry. Poor little guy.

Millie said...

We found one of our regular garden possum visitors huddled in a corner of our garage last Winter with a shocking case of mange. It was emaciated & very poorly. MOTH called the Wildlife Rescue folk who came, but it was too late for treatment. The took it back to their HQ where a volunteer Vet euthanised it humanely. I do hope you are able to help Mr. Fox dear Rosemary.
Millie x