Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lily of the Valley on a Shell

photo by Rosemary Beck
I took this photo last year when one of my very few stems of lily of the valley was snapped off by an animal in the night. I can't understand why they aren't multiplying like crazy like they did at my other house. Maybe they don't like it here. I looked today and can see only 3 pips. Any suggestions? Maybe I'll buy some more at the plant sale in town on Saturday.

I was a busy bee working outside using the shop vac in the garage and on the balcony too. It's starting to come together nicely but I have miles to go and must keep up the momentum before the heat sets in. 


kana/ga said...

Know what you mean, Rosemary. Trying so hard to beat the heat in the south. Hopefully, I will be inside before it arrives.

Anonymous said...

My little crop of Lily of the Valley seem to diminish rather than increase as I had hoped they would. The ones my father planted in my childhood home pushed up through the edges of the driveway, they were so determined to increase. Buy, more plants, that's the answer, Rosemary.

The Queen Vee said...

I've never had any luck growing Lily of the Valley here in Virginia, love them but can't successfully grow them. My sister in Colorado has a luscious bed of LOV and every year gets several bouquets from her ever expanding bed. It's very dry in Colorado, maybe your bedding area is too damp or the soil combination not conducive for successful propagation. Here in VA you can send a soil sample to one of the universities and they will analyze it for you, does your state have that service available?