Monday, May 30, 2011

It will soon be time for bed for Webster and me. Goodnight.

I hope I have a better night than this little boy. With Webster there is no guarantee. I think it's too hot for him since I have yet to turn on the A/C so he will probably sleep in front of the screen door. Poor little guy. I know exactly how he must have felt before he gave up and went under the bed. Webster goes into some sort of a coma when he sleeps on top of the bed and he's incapable of understanding commands such as -- move over. This vintage photo that appeared in Life magazine really made me laugh. I'm so glad the parents had a camera handy. I had a wonderful day today...hope you did too. Click on the link and see all the hilarious photos from Life Laughs Last. This will entertain you for the rest of the evening/day. See you tomorrow.


Tina Eudora said...

Good night Rosemary and Webster! Webster I am with you buddy.....when the temperatures reach 75 it is time for the A/C! As for the holiday the cats and I had a wonderful time weed-eating and then planting Dahlias!
Have a great evening!
Tina xo

Karen said...

lol, our Reilly (may she rest in peace) used to hog the bed. She always wanted to be resting right up against me so if I moved (especially during the summer months) she would get up and reposition herself. Once she was gone I missed that! Madison just crashes where she lands!