Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Duchess and the Garden

The Duchess and the Garden - N Y Times Slide Show
A project that started at the whim of Jane Percy, the Duchess of Northumberland, has become one of the most ambitious public gardens created in Europe since World War II.

One of the features is a Rose Garden containing 3,000 roses in 180 varieties.

Alnwick Castle, her husband's ancestral home, played the role of Hogwarts School in the first two Harry Potter movies. Tourism to the castle, and to the gardens, has increased because of the popularity of the films.

The project has amassed plenty of admirers, but more than a few critics as well, who have challenged the populist bent of the design and the money required to build it. Its overall budget now stands at £70 million ($140 million). Don't fail to click on the link at the beginning of the post to see all of the photos.

Have a great weekend and do some gardening if you can.


Seven Gates Farm said...

You just inspire me and always feed my imagination with all your thoughts and pictures. Yes, I plan to get out in the sun today ~ Debi

Miranda said...

These gardens are so amazing!! You should really see them IRL we did 3 times and we never get enough of them!!!