Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Amy Sedaris’s Child-like Decor

The Craft Corner in Amy Sedaris's New York City Apartment. She made all of the potholders on the floor. She decorates as if she owned a child but she never has children over. I don't think she wants them touching her stuff.
Amy Sedaris’s Child-Friendly Abode: Slideshow and Humorous Article in New York Magazine 
"I wouldn’t call myself a shut-in. I have the ability to leave my home; I just choose not to. But because I’m such a homebody, it’s important to be surrounded by things I love. I prefer items that convey a sense of mystery, playfulness, or theatricality. My favorite things often have a story behind them and are usually handmade or discovered at a flea market. My furniture is small and low. It’s not unlike living in a dollhouse."


Miss Ribeiro said...

Her house is so peculiar (in a good way)! I love it! :)

Sally Thomas said...

I notice that you labeled this "bizarre," which is kind of what I thought. It is cute and fun, but mostly cute in a way my seven-year-old would be attracted to (in our house, all the woven potholders, and there are many, are made by her. And I actually use them in the kitchen. Maybe I should leave them artfully on the floor instead).

On the other hand, my seventeen-year-old would like the shoes over the door.

I like having this kind of stuff in my house, but mainly because my house is full of children who make it, or make it necessary. Somewhere on my blog I have a photo montage of random little figures -- a vintage Fisher-Price Little Person from my childhood, a bunch of metal knights, and maybe some plastic animals, too, who over the course of several days were part of some kind of drama one of the children was enacting in the living room. Every day I'd come in, and they'd be lined up like they were waiting for something, or they'd all be scattered around a tabletop like casualties on a battlefield. I never knew what the story was, but clearly there was a story. (Went back and found it here. Photo quality isn't great, but the pictures crack me up all over again.)

So anyway, I think I find this lady who wants to live in a little-kid house where she's the little kid perversely fascinating. I love that rug, and I now think I want to paint the frame of my hallway bulletin board red. Otherwise . . . I know a little girl who would love the bookshelves, the little drawer cubbies, and probably the crutches, too. The potholders she has, by the dozens.

Sorry to ramble on in your combox -- this is what happens when I have actual work hanging over me! If only someone would give me a deadline for chatting to people on blogs, then maybe the book reviews I have to write would get written.

Hoynotmanana said...

I love her!

Cynthia L. H. said...

I just had to keep coming back and having another look at this one. It is so unusual! I like that she says, if she "owned" a child. Hmm. I've born 3 children, but never "owned" one...even if I thought I did, I was frequently reminded (and still am) that I did NOT! ;^)

I think that I would like to borrow some elements of this decor. I like the cushy rocking chair ready to grab a book and rock a little one. I also love the giant, red rick-rack in the valance.

When I viewed the slide-show, I really had to think about the lamp with the hair-color samples. I decided I like it. ;^)

I'm not sure what to think about the child-size crutches. It's sort of like Tiny Tim is going to pop out of one of those books and need them.

Overall--Fun! Thank you for sharing. ;^) (Here is my novella for the day.) ;^)

laney said...

...this makes me uncomfortable...i was very put off by the comment of "owning" a child..children are not me this is rather like women who have dolls made to pretend they have children...perhaps i am reading to much into it...