Friday, April 1, 2011

Vintage Cast Iron Pan/Wok by Michael Lax

This is Mother Nature's April Fool joke---it's snowing.

Vintage Copco Cast Iron Wok w/ Side Handles. Use on top of the stove or in the oven. I can't put my old wok in the oven because it has a wooden handle.  I'm thrilled that the lid fits perfectly on this estate sale $7.00 pan.

I've used this pan every single day since I got it over 2 weeks ago. Fried eggs are the best and so is any kind of stir fry. I've baked in it too. You can really cook anything you'd cook in a cast iron frying pan only this is easier because of the sloped sides.

COPCO - Michael Lax Design - Denmark He was an Industrial Designer and his work is very sought after by collectors of mid-century modern. I simply can't understand why anyone would get rid of this wonderful piece of cookware. Now that it's mine I can see myself getting rid of the pans it is replacing.

Content in a Cottage


Stacey Snacks said...

I love all the vintage Michael Lax designs, and I have never seen this one before. Lucky estate find! Find me one please! I will pay you double (a finder's fee!).

Anonymous said...

Hello from Germany!

I possess the same pan, it is a "brother" of yours: number of production: 7401.

My father got it from Denmark Long time ago...

With Kind regards,

Content in a Cottage said...

Lucky you in Germany.

This pan is VERY rare. I'm so glad I have mine. I use it all the time!