Monday, April 25, 2011

Tandem Bicycle for Ten | Yikes

Such fabulous images! I've never ridden on one of these, have you? Famous Bicycle Built for Two 
Vintage photograph from


Sally Thomas said...

Have you seen these? These people used to come and do demonstrations in the park across the street from our flat in Cambridge, and I remember their having way wackier designs than these. Still, these are pretty cool, and if I still lived a no-car, all-bike life, I'd want at least one.

Ruxana said...

Hi Rosemary! Love the post. My husband & I were in Argentina recently (wine country) and we rented a tandem for the day. A GREAT way to visit vineyards. But that old adage applies "if you're not the lead dog, the view never changes" :). Cheers!

Karen said...

I've never had the pleasure (?) of riding a tandem bicycle but the second image (word press graphic) is so cool.

bettygaraycochea said...

Yes! We actually owned one and would ride it to school, my sis & I every day. It was great fun, wouldn't mind owning one now. Word of caution though, if you tend to be a "back seat" driver, please ride in front where you will have a more positive outcome to your steering!