Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Less is More

I am feeling very overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I own. Cleaning out closets and cupboards and feeling like a hoarder. Less is the word of the day.  « 

Content in a Cottage


Karen said...

I've been going through the closets and drawers and trying to pare it the time of year that motivates us to get by with less?


Colleen said...

Oh Rosemary, I am the same way. I so badly want to have few things!:) I actually get stressed out when it gets too crowded with "stuff" everywhere...or even hidden away in closets. Good luck with your purging!:)

Teri said...

I feel your pain! LOL I've hauled so much stuff to Goodwill and ReStore that I'm not even going to admit to a number of truck loads! About the time I think I'm finished - I look around, cuss and haul off even more!

Sue said...

My, it MUST be spring!!
Why is it that the very things we love so much during winter--the things that make the home "cozy", drive us crazy in spring??
I've been cleaning out cupboards and closets too. Hopefully , this will pass!

KathySaunders said...

Hi Rosemary,
Somehow I came across your blog when I clicked on a picture of the beautiful pen flourishing of a deer. Then I freaked out when I saw the statement that handwriting is officially dead and we won't be seeing flourishing anymore. I can assure you, there are lots of us left who make their living from calligraphy and flourishing. We're not dead yet!! See:

(click on "original pieces" to see flourishing.

I could go on for hours, get the idea. Thanks for loving calligraphy & flourishing and for sharing it with your readers!

Kathy Saunders