Friday, April 15, 2011

Cutest Otter Baby Ever

Such a happy image. Made me smile. Have a charming weekend.

Content in a Cottage


Debbie said...

Once again you have blown me away with your choice of photos--each day I am "forced" to check in lest I miss something. I love your blog and have to say that it is my all time favorite of the ones I follow. Each entry is a gem. Tonight with the otter mom...precious photo. Thanks for taking such care with your offerings.

Bonnie said...

So sweet! You have to google otters holding hands. It will make you so happy!

karen said...

Ah...a sure sign of spring.

Sue said...

You realize I have a separate folder for pictures "stolen" from your site, don't you? Another charmer. These are the ones I look at when the day is gloomy (it's pouring buckets here now) and I need a smile.

Gal Friday said...

Good Morning, Rosemary, and thank you! That made me smile, too.

Sharon Stanley Ruggerio said...


When I saw this image, I thought of a favorite quote:

"Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference."
-Jane Goodall

Those of us who have a heart for animals appreciate your kindness, respect, and protectiveness toward these most vulnerable and helpless.

Blessings to you.