Thursday, March 24, 2011

Strange Footprints in New Snow at The Cottage

I just returned from a walk with Webster and saw some footprints that look like perfect arrows all over my property. Wild turkey? I can't say for sure but they look as if they were made with a rolling branding iron. I thought at first a hunter was sending secret messages to another hunter but there are no human footprints anywhere except mine. They are left in a single line by each animal with foot dragging lines inbetween each perfect arrow. 

A single bird (or alien) leaves a print like this.

Lots of them in one spot. Help me please if you know what bird leaves such a distinct impression in the snow. Whatever it was it came very close to the house. Should I be scared? :-) These are my photos taken today.

Never mind. I just found out they are Pheasant tracks. I'm so excited. I've never seen a pheasant on my land before. See more on Google Images.

image by ©wikesgerald

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Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

I knew it had to be a bird of somekind. Glad you found out!

Laura said...

How cool is that! We used to have pheasants here, but I dont see them. They are so pretty!