Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I need To Get More Exercise

This little frog has the right idea. He's pumping iron to get ready for all the bugs he has to catch when the weather gets nicer. Today is March 1st and it seems like a good time to start exercising for spring. I need to do something other than walk and it's too early to start raking and all that stuff you have to do for the much needed cleanup outside. I think I know where I put my ab-roller or whatever you call that wheel with 2 handles. Whenever I use it on a regular basis, it does seem to work.

I put my steel cut oats in to soak overnight and they are delicious. I have an office meeting this morning so I'll see you later.

This man on the street in Milan seems to have a very different approach for burning calories.

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deborah said...

I actually think I could follow through with an exercise program if I had a scooter like that!