Monday, March 21, 2011

A Genuine Library, No Decorator Involved

It's wonderful, isn't it? Collecting antiquarian books is a great hobby and a great way to decorate a room.

The first full day of spring arrived at my house with 2" of snow. Boo!

Content in a Cottage


Tina said...

I'm sorry your Spring began with snow.
After 4 inches of rain since Friday night, we have sun today!!
My toilet finally flushed today!
Can you tell how giddy I am?????

Doesn't take much to make me happy!

That wall of books would do it too!
I could get lost in there for years!

Hope you have a good day even with the snow.
Did Piggie go home yet?
Websters' gonna miss wait and see!

Bonnie said...

Do you think they would allow me to move into just a small corner of the room. I would be very quiet! Can you imagine the inspiration? Bonnie

Victoria said...

What a gorgeous room... and I love that lamp too!

Karen said...

Rosemary, Sorry about the snow...we had rain.
Well, could there be any better place to be on a snowy or rainy day than a beautiful, antique book-filled library---I think not. :-)