Thursday, March 10, 2011

Extraordinary Small Home | Innermost House

This tiny house called INNERMOST HOUSE is twelve feet by twelve feet in size. Do the math and that translates to 144 square feet. It has no electricity or power of any kind.

The five distinct rooms are heated by a fireplace in the living room, the heart of this house. All the firewood is free fruitwood prunings from local orchards. 

All of the books were carefully chosen over the years as contributing something essential to the Innermost Life. It is strange that it was not until they were displayed all together, illuminated by the fire at Innermost House, that the owners realized nearly every one was first written by firelight. 

Real wood, real plaster, real beeswax candles - the real things really do make a difference. Wonderful hand-crafted windows, woodwork, shelves were made by a master craftsman in Monterey, California.

I discovered this amazing story at The Tiny House Blog and it's a must-read for anyone wanting to simplify and/or downsize. There are more pictures to drool over. I loved it!!!!!! You will too. Enjoy.

Content in a Cottage


Tina said...

Doin' the happy dance!!
This is most fortuitous....I have got the bug to do something with this cottage!!

Jeanne said...

Another one! This is great Rosemary. You find the most interesting things!!

Jeanne xx

Angie said...

Love this post, Rosemary! I'm kind of glad you are as good at "not getting things done" as I am...your blog makes up for my lack of motivation to do other things!!! Thank You!!!!

Beth West said...

It looks so calm and peaceful there.

jean said...

If I ever build another cottage, this will be my inspiration. Definitely.