Thursday, February 24, 2011

Windsor Smith's Home in House Beautiful

Windsor Smith's Stunning LA Home - House Beautiful
Pottery Barn sconces and an antique French repoussé mirror add a little romance to the master bath. The sink is skirted in smoky gray-and-white silk from the Silk Trading Company.

How lovely! I can only imagine what a water-spotted mess this sink skirt would be if I had one. Silk is for the very neat, brave and daring, or a little-used bathroom.

Content in a Cottage


Ana Maria said...

Every night when I read your blog I say, "it's time to post a comment", and yet I never do. Well, tonight is it.

I must tell you I read your blog each and every night and enjoy it tremendously. After a long day of work I find your images beautifully soothing. I enjoy reading about your walks with Webster and I truly appreciate your tags; "A Life in Focus" and "Content in a Cottage", mean so much to me. Since I live in Miami, Florida, and experience little to no change in seasons here, I have lived through the four seasons vicariously through the blogs I read, yours in particular.

Thank you for sharing,
Ana Maria

friendandfaux said...

Beautiful..........BUT not a long life here either

laney said...

...very very very impractical...but...very very very beautiful...

Millie said...

I'll send MOTH the grubby Tradie & the 5 sons over to Windsor's place for the weekend. That really would be the true test for this gorgeous, but oh so impractical bathroom. I think poor Windsor would need long-term therapy after seeing the state of that silk sink skirt after their departure.
Millie x

The Queen Vee said...

I'm thinking that this grogeous silk skirt is a decor photo shoot item, so impractical but so lovely to look at.