Friday, February 4, 2011


Do yourself a favor and run away from the ice, snow, sleet, rain, and awful weather as fast as you can and have a fun weekend. It would be guaranteed if you were lucky enough to drive around in this flowered convertible

Content in a Cottage


Gal Friday said...

I would love to have a car like that! It makes me want to throw a picnic basket in the back and go off for a drive.
When I was a young thing, eons ago, I had an old VW Beetle--wooden dashboard and no working heat, but it started up with that distinctive Beetle sound every morning no matter how cold(sometimes I even had to scrape the INSIDE of the windows!).
We are having a thaw here(and no rain or sleet so far)--I hope you get a llittle melting, too this weekend.

Beth West said...

You have a fun weekend too!