Sunday, January 23, 2011

Webster Says Goodnight

I finished all of my chores early tonight. I can't wait to jump in my bed and get ready to watch Downton Abbey on PBS. Webster sends his thanks for all of your kind notes wishing him a speedy recovery from his skin infection. He is already tucked in. Lately he's been bunking on the floor beside my  so I can keep an eye on him through the night. I put a barricade at the door so he can't sneak away and sleep on one of the sofas. Just in case he does, there are books on all of the cushions. His big horse pills have relieved the inflammation and he sleeps peacefully through the night. Thank goodness for modern medicine. See you all tomorrow. Goodnight.

Content in a Cottage


The Queen Vee said...

Sweet dreams Webster, hopefully tomorrow you'll be feeling more yourself.

Tina Eudora said...

Poor sweet Webster I must have missed the post about his skin infection! I hope he is feeling better, dear boy.
I was looking forward to Downton Abbey and last Thursday my tv finally left this mortal coil.
Have a good rest and enjoy the show for me!
Tina xo

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Night, night, you two:)

Anonymous said...

What a sweet spoiled baby!!!! Glad he is feeling better! :)


AshTreeCottage said...

Sweet dreams dear Webster! Bentley and I will check on you tomorrow.

Susan and Bentley

Colleen said...

Aw, poor little thing! He is sure a sweetheart!

Marias Hörna - Njut av livet said...

Oo so sweet he is. Hoogs from Marias Hörna

Linda said...

Oh, dear! Webster is under the weather! This never will do. I turned by back on your postings at a critical time. Rosemary, I know all too well how innocently these skin infections can occur. Thank goodness for the medicines which quickly can sooth and heal our pets. Yes, last night, under my favorite wool throw, cup of tea at hand, feet propped up, I was watching Downton Abbey, too. So fine.
Happy day.

Judy said...

Hi Rosemary, Both my daughter and son have dogs (chocolate and yellow labs). Bernie, my son's dog, recently had a toe nail removed, so I forwarded my daugher-in-law the post about Webster. She can really empathize with your situation. We all hope things improve soon for all these wonderful pets.

One more episode of Downton Abby; I'll miss it. Have been a fan of Masterpiece theater for over 40 years! Best, Judy