Thursday, January 13, 2011

View From My Kitchen Window

The sun was going down when I snapped this scene from the side window in my kitchen. I have a three-tube bird feeder hanging from a big limb on the tree to the left. So far there are more birds than squirrels feeding there. This time I bought the bird seed that is a blend rather than 100% sunflower seeds. It's half the price and the birds seem to know this is recession food and don't mind. What are you feeding your fine feathered friends?

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Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

What a great view, Rosemary. Hubby off to play tennis with my Dad for Thursday night league, so the poochies and I are all tucked in for the night. Blogging, an old movie on TCM and snuggly and warm in my cottage. Does it get any better??? said...

Oh my gosh! What a great pic! I have the greatest suggestion for your feeder! peanuts IN THE SHELL. If you haven't added this to your bird seed, do so asap! (Unsalted, of course!) The rare birds really love it. Also, and you probably know this, don't put to much seed in. If you leave your feeder sparse it attracts fewer birds, but more rare and delicate birds. If there is constant endless seed, it attracts stronger birds and even crows, which scares the rare, delicate birds away. Obviously, you don't want to go several days without the food your birds have come to count on, but try these tips and let me know what you see at your feeder!
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betsy said...

I would bet you have nuthatches creeping up and down those trees. I feed the bluejays raw peanuts and the crows a little dog kibble. Everybody else gets suet with peanut butter and sunflower seeds. And a couple here in Brentwood, Tenn.- about five miles away from me- have a rufous hummingbird wintering at their feeder.

pfortier said...

The only problem with mixed seeds is that some of them are not eaten by the birds and sprout in the spring; it doesn't matter in the woods, but it's a headache in a flower patch! Sunflower seed shells rot and provide compost.