Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stone House on A Lake

So simple. So perfect. I'm in love with this unadorned stone house on a lake surrounded by trees. I think the maintenance on this gem would be reduced to nothing more than an occasional window washing. Really nice!

We had a little more snow overnight and it isn't the fluffy kind that's easy to deal with. It's an icy mix that is much harder to clean off the walk and the car. At least it's not deep enough to require a driveway plowing so I'm happy about that.

Content in a Cottage


Marilyn said...

fabulous house...low maintainence is true..
we got ice and not very much of it but enough to make it really dangerous to venture too far. I'm not going out and no one can make me!!! Hope it melts soon, the birds are beginning to gather...

Linda said...

Yes, this house is special. I wonder if it, standing so tall and near water, might be a mill. Could there be a trace and wheel on the side we cannot see?
We have ice here in Northern Virginia, enough to make dog walking both treacherous and comical.
Do be careful, Rosemary, if you must venture out.

Colleen said...

Simply lovely. It would be sheer Heaven to live in a house like that surrounded by such magnificent nature.

Sue said...

I think the lines on these old homes are just so perfect! Love this one, and especially the setting!

We had a nice snow followed by drizzle too....what a mess to clean up! Do be careful out there!