Friday, January 7, 2011

It's Snowing Again

This photo made me laugh. It's snowing pretty hard again here at the cottage. I have to share something with you on how I clean off my car. It's against the law to drive around with a big snow pile on top of your car and I drive a big Suburban (sorry, but I love it) and it's really hard to reach the roof.

I was shopping at the Home Depot last year and spotted one of those rubber SweepA brooms (As Seen on TV) with a wide base and short rubber bristles on one side and a squeegee on the other. It has a retractable aluminum handle with a long reach too. I use it when I wash windows on the outside. This year I got the idea to use it to clean snow off my car and it's wonderful. Nothing gets scratched thanks to the black rubber bristles plus it's fun and fast to use. That's my hint for the day. Stay warm.

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Msartist said...

Hi Rosemary, Happy New Year! This made me chuckle but it also affirmed why I don't live where it snows! lol
Stay warm! Theresa

Sue said...

Rosemary-what a cute photo. We usually have a few around here that never clean off their vehicles. I suppose they are hoping it will blow off while they're driving, but gosh, what a mess to follow-it blows onto MY windshield and freezes!

Love the idea for the rubber bristle broom-hubby uses my old kitchen broom. It's so "puffed up" from pushing snow, it looks like a giant Q-tip. I'll run this idea by him. I'm sure he'll love it!