Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Geranium + A Set of Antiquarian Books

My day has been very hectic so far with real estate showings and phone calls. I'm just now turning on my computer. I published many comments from my laptop this morning but haven't replied to any yet. Hope you're having a nice weekend. I only have one geranium in bloom right now. Doesn't it look nice against a background of antiquarian books with fine decorative bindings? See you later.

Content in a Cottage

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Clear Crick Cottage said...

OH I love when geraniums bloom. Their color can make a whole room/yard lighten up. I noticed outside that my ONE geranium was blooming nicely - about the same size as your beautiful photo - BUT that was the day before yesterday. We get SUCH horrible winds here, so many of my flowers don't stand a chance. It might as well SNOW here! hehe.
So cute, quick story: My mother and I traveled to Switzerland many many years ago, and while we were there we marvelled at the beauty of their billowing geraniums everywhere. My mother was determined...she snipped a piece of one of their prettiest, and smuggled it home! She grew it in her yard for YEARS! :)

I just love your posts and ponderings. Beautiful blog!
Sherilyn Koss