Saturday, November 13, 2010

Orbit The Orphaned Owl Loves His Stuffed Toy

In his five short weeks of life, Orbit hasn’t met many other owls.

So he isn’t at all worried that his new best friend doesn’t hoot back.

The orphaned chick is perfectly content in the company of the stuffed bird perched next to him and is never far from his side.

Orbit, a common barn owl, was given the toy by Lyndsey Wood, his care giver at Folly Farm, near Narberth in West Wales.

She said: ‘A friend suggested that I find something like a toy owl to stop Orbit from feeling lonely. I thought he might try to eat it, but he just cuddles up to it and goes to sleep.’

All you need is a friend. Somehow I keep finding these wonderful stories about orphaned baby animals and you know I'll keep sharing them with you! I found this one on

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Carol said...

How sweet is that! Love these pictures you find. Just recently discovered your site. I'm a lover of both decorating and animals, so your blog is right on target for me.