Friday, October 22, 2010

Onteora Club | 100 year old letter

I found this delightful letter in an attic years ago and it continues to delight me. Could an email ever replace getting a letter like this in the mail? Richard certainly was busy with his egg business and his bookkeeping too. He wasn't doing too well in math because 117 dozen = 1,404. I wonder if that old Pope Toledo is still around in an antique car collection? Click on the letter to enlarge it for easier reading. Boo Hoo, Old Father Rabbit is dead.

The Onteora Club in Tannersville, NY was founded in 1887. Today it is a private enclave with more than 80 cottages, 6 clay tennis courts, and a private golf club. This young boy's father [E. S. Godfrey] was the superintendent in 1910. The website is divided: members and visitors. Mark Twain is pictured below.

Have a great weekend full of Rest and Relaxation.

Content in a Cottage
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Tina Eudora said...

I just love old letters of which I have quite a few. Mostly letters between my grandparents during the Depression when my grandfather had to take work out of town.
That letter is so precious and it makes one want to learn the "rest of the story".
Have a lovely weekend...
Tina xo

motherhenantiques said...


I have asked my three grandchildren to please write to me so that I will have something personal from them in my golden years. So far I have not received one but I remain optimistic!! At 16, 16, and 8 they are very suspect of the personally written word and I refuse to enable texting on my cell phone. We are at a standoff!

Waiting for the mailman,
Nancy Blake

Millie said...

This is so precious Rosemary. I hope Nancy receives her letters, soon rather than later!
Millie ^_^