Thursday, September 16, 2010

Webster, My Wonder Dog

Webster drinks from a silver bowl. Nothing's too good for that dog of mine!

Content in a Cottage
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The Queen Vee said...

Nice portrait Webster, you are one fine looking man. Must be something special in the water you drink from a silver bowl or more likely the love and affection you get from Rosemary.

The Queen Vee said...
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Marilyn said...

Oh hello there handsome guy! I hope you had a wonderful summer with your mummy and are now enjoying the cooler weather and going out often to chase those pesky critters around the yard!!!
I love when yo'mama shows you to us.....tell her more, more more!!!
Here's a scratch behind the ear and a big hug....

Tina Eudora said...

What a gorgeous and very handsome gentleman Rosemary! I am a huge lover of all things canine! Have a great evening Webster!
Tina xo

SarahB said...

How beautiful Webster looks!! Great picture! Look at that coat!

Sharon Stanley Ruggerio said...

How fortunate you are to share your life with this sweet soul. It is apparent that you two cherish each other. As the mom to 3 glorious Rottweilers who, sadly, have passed on, I completely understand and appreciate your devotion to Webster.
May I confess that I have been "lurking" on your lovely blog for quite some time? Thank you for sharing your graciousness, insight, and kind heart with all of us.
Sharon Stanley Ruggerio

Gal Friday said...

He is a beautiful boy.
So glad you found each other.

Millie said...

Lovely to have a visit with the Wonder Dog, you know I think he's the grandest/sweetest/bestest dog in NJ.
Millie ^_^