Friday, September 17, 2010

My Peaceable Kingdom

I just had a delicious dinner and the deer and turkeys are dining together on the lower forty. There are 4 turkeys but you can only see 3 clearly because they are at the bottom of a hill and one is pecking away at the acorns. Both of the bucks have antlers. How exciting. Click to enlarge photos.

Content in a Cottage
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donna reyné said...

I could not even imagine such an amazing thing in my own piece of the world!
THis is so cool!

SarahB said...

Heavenly!! How beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

J.W. said...

I love wild turkeys! Thank you. We have them in Southern CA, too.

penelopebianchi said...

Oh! Here I am in Montecito.......deer were supposed to be here!

It is OK We are a little over 2 acres with a 40 acre preserve on one side.....and a 50 acre estate on the other two sides......and we are a (because we applied for it; and my granddaughter and I earned it) a

" National Wildlife Federations backyard wildlife habitat!"

go for it! It can be a balcony! It is the most wonderful thing for wildlife you have ever heard of!
just go to: go to "backyardhabitatprogram" They tell you exactly how to do everything!

I did it with my granddaughter who was 6 at the time!

Organic......she learned so much....she pointed to a "thicket" and said......."Granny! Take a picture of that !! They will love it! It is an apartment house for birds!" Exactly. We then presented it to her first grade class.....She proudly held up the certificate....and said....."Granny and I won First Prize"!!

What a moment!!