Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's Easier To Keep Up Than To Catch Up

This was my grandmother's favorite saying and she lived by these very words. She was never behind in anything...housework, cooking, sewing, gardening, and more. I wish a little more of her had rubbed off on me. But then I remind myself that she didn't have the Internet!

My grandfather (a minister) used one of these little wisk brooms to brush off his coat before he left the house every day. This one hangs in my vestible here at the cottage. My mother always says the reason Grandma was so caught up on everything was because she made the kids do most of the work. All I remember is that in her elder years she did everything herself with only Grandpa's help.

Content in a Cottage
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Diane said...

Thanks great advice. I wish I could learn to follow it more. The internet is definitely my most powerful distraction!

Gail, in northern California said...

Your mother's comment tickled me.

True, the internet is a distraction but it's lovely finding people with similar interests halfway around the world, and your site accompanies my morning coffee. It's how I start each day.

You might find this site interesting too, Rosemary. If you don't have the Sundance channel, at least google Domenica More Gordon. She's a delight.