Sunday, July 4, 2010

Wonderful Post and Beam Summer Bedroom

I finally broke down and turned on my central air today. I thought I should since we're supposed to have a whole week of 100+ temperatures. No rain either until Friday at the earliest. Even the weeds are dying it's so dry. They come up easily too. I just tackled a spot near the house that is usually very hard to weed but tonight it was a breeze. Webster chose to stay inside in the A/C.

I'd love to be sleeping in this barn bedroom tonight with the door and windows wide open. Enjoy the fireworks. See you tomorrow, Rosemary.

Content in a Cottage
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1 comment:

Gal Friday said...

Lovely sleeping spot, but think how hot, without A/C in weahter like this!
Just turned my A/C on(we used it for the first time all day yesterday) a few minutes ago--could tell right away this day was going to be brutal.
Pretty sad when you can say that at least we are staying *only* in the 90's up here(have heard the news about the temps topping 100 degrees in NJ!).
I am glad to know your Webster is inside with the A/C on....