Monday, July 12, 2010

Currently Growing At The Cottage

Wild Morning Glory

Tiny Tomatoes

More Tiny Tomatoes

Weeds Showing Their Fall Colors

Wild Raspberries

Skunk Cabbage Showing Fall Color

Cleome or Spider Plant. They Reseed Every Year.

I took these pictures on Sunday Morning. How does your garden grow? I think all that heat with little or no rain is bring on the fall colors a little earlier than usual. At least our trees aren't dropping their leaves like they are in Virginia.

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Millie said...

All our camelias are just beginning to bloom in our freezing cold Winter garden. They've arrived at just the right time to see us through these last dreary months of the Season. I'm envious of your Wild Raspberries Rosemary -yum!
Millie ^_^

Jeff said...

I was surprised to find that in Phoenix, AZ, growing Morning Glories is not allowed. They are considered invasive as exhibited by your "wild" morning glory picture.

We can grow a bush morning glory, but not the lovely blue vines!