Saturday, May 15, 2010

Great Soaking Tub

I really like this country bath, don't you? I'm especially in love with the simple shelf design. What a great look. I'm going to wait until tomorrow morning for my hot bath so I'll be squeeky clean for my Open House. Wish me luck. I have a vintage Kohler corner tub from the 1930s that is original to my cottage. The Duchess of Windsor had the same one. Really. One day I'll post a picture of hers.

Content in a Cottage
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AshTreeCottage said...

Great tub Rosemary! Did you see the outdoor tubs in Mary Jane's Farm magazine? I'd love an old claw foot outside to bathe under the stars. You put a propane camp stove underneath to heat the water.

Good luck on your open house. It looks like a lovely home!

Susan and Bentley

bruce said...

Hi Rosemary! This tub is so great. It's calling me, actually. :)

A good soaking tub is a must for any home, as I'm sure you'll agree. As Claudia Cardinale (and Sylvia Plath) both legendarily have said, "there's nothing a hot bath won't cure."


The Queen Vee said...

I love everything about this photo!