Saturday, March 13, 2010

Things I Want To Do Today

Take a long hot soak in the tub,

Crawl back into bed with a hot water bottle and watch a movie,

And take a nap on this rainy Saturday in March.

What's on your agenda?

Twig Hutchinson

Content in a Cottage

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SarahB said...

That sounds like my kind of agenda! I think I will venture out to the antiques show at the pier and hopefully find a treasure.

Gal Friday said...

Sounds like the perfect agenda for a rainy weekend. I was both lazy(lots of couch potato-ing) and productive(cleaned up the craft and sewing area in the basement..finally!)this weekend.

I hope you at least got your hot bath in this weekend, Rosemary.

Millie said...

Hope you managed to do just that Rosemary.
Millie ^_^