Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sleeping With Antiques

I slept a lot later than usual this morning for some reason, so bedrooms are on my mind. I love each and every one of these from Architectural Digest. It's so nice to sleep with antiques. I'm sure I'd have sweet dreams in all of these rooms.

We have bright sun shining on the snow today. I jumped out of bed and immediately put all of my bedding and towels in the washer. It's a perfect laundry day! Clothes line here I come. Have a great day, Rosemary

Content in a Cottage

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The Queen Vee said...


One of my most cherished possessions is a walnut pencil post bed that my younger brother made for me from raw pieces of lumber. He was a very talented craftsman. Last year at this time of the year I was with him for two weeks as he underwent a stem cell transplant for Mantel Cell Lymphoma. We all thought it had been successful but we were wrong, he died this past September. My bed is one of six that he built, and although not an antique yet, it now stands in all its solid beauty and usefulness as a reminder of the extraordinary talent and love of a really fine man. I love to run my hands along those tall posts knowing that my brother did the very same thing.

I've spent the morning getting ready for the next snow, logs brought in, a bit of grocery shopping and a stop at the library.... I think I'm ready. The sun was out this morning melting yesterdays snow but now the clouds are rolling in and they are predicting two feet in our location. I think it is coming your way too so build a fire, make some soup and hunker down with Webster.

Champagne said...

Rosemary, yet one more thing we agree on! All of my beds are antique and sometimes I wish my upstairs was my downstairs because I love them so much! Your post has inspired my next post about where we've purchased all of our beds, Leonard's Antiques in Seekonk, Massachusetts. Have you been? If not, make the trip! YOU WILL DIE! Jeff, the owner lives in Westport, Mass where we summer (he's very easy on the eyes btw!) and his family has been there as long as my husband's. Way back roots to New England and I've never seen antique beds or reproductions done any better!! Go check em out!! And go to the Seekonk store, it's amazing!