Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Interiors, Cottages, Sheds, Hideaways, and Barns

So simple and elegant. Nice family entrance.

Beautiful, warm, and cozy.

Rustic backyard shed decorated with real wood logs.

Wonderful garden shed.

Backyard spa.

Small cottage with wonderful landscaping.

Another small cottage with old-fashioned flowers and shrubs.

A beautiful barn in winter. via
This post has a little bit of everything, doesn't it? I've been weeding out my photos and these are some I've been saving. All of the backyard sheds and cottages are from Sunset. The first two interiors and the last barn in the snow are from blogs. If they are yours, let me know so I can put in a link.

Content in a Cottage

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Gal Friday said...

Each image more enticing than the one before(and I think I need a backyard spa! Why didn't I ever know I needed one before I saw the adorable little shed/retreat here today?)

I loved the shed with the climbing flowers(Rose of Sharon? Morning Glories?), too. Nice thing about sheds, is they are small enough to attempt a make-over--easily donw with some paint and growing vines.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Beautiful pictures, as always, Rosemary! Although, I could do without the snow one! : )

AshTreeCottage said...

I want a backyard spa too! Maybe I should post a note on my mood board saying something like "my mood would improve if I had a backyard spa". Do you think that David would get one built quickly? Well, it's a thought. Great post as always Rosemary.

Susan and Bentley

Kathy said...

Oh Rosemary...Lovely photos...They just made me long for spring and summer, warm sunshine and flowers...
Thanks for sharing...
xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

The Blushing Hostess said...

Beautiful images, especially the last, froma girl here int he snowy northeast at the moment.

Tracy @ Comfort&Luxury said...

Love those billowy cottage gardens. But it's hard to have that here where it's so hot and dry in the summer. I've tried really hard to find plants that require less water yet don't make the garden look like I live in Death Valley because I do try to be conscientious and I don't want to get in trouble with the "water police" And I hand water so as not to waste water. Sometimes, "natural" beauty is a lot of work!