Thursday, January 7, 2010

COCO ECO Magazine | Read It Online

Here is another great magazine that you can read online. I love Alicia Silverstone and her "kind" vegan lifestyle. Her new book, "The Kind Diet" sounds like something I'd like to embrace. Eating meat is so yesterday. Alicia has a website called The Kind Life that's brimming with interesting information. Check it out when you have time.

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Anonymous said...

Here's why Alicia Silverstone turned vegan!

Andrea said...

I think that modern factory farming of animals for food is a very inhumane and destructive practice. However a vegetarian diet may not be the answer either. If interested, please explore the ideas contained in the book called "The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice, and Sustainability" by Lierre Keith. Link:

I do enjoy your blog.