Thursday, November 12, 2009

Which Cup of Tea Will You Be Drinking Today?

I think I'll have a cup of creativi-tea to help me with my next post. But I want to drink my morning coffee first. Coffee is for morning, tea is for afternoon and after dinner. Which cup appeals to you? Thanks for stopping by the cottage for a little pick-me-up. ~Rosemary

Content in a Cottage


Gal Friday said...

Same with me--coffee a must in the morning and when I get home after work(about 4:00), it's a cup of tea.
Like you, I think I would choose the "creativi-tea"(becasue that can bring sereni-tea and prosperi-tea)

Tracy @ Comfort and Luxury said...

What a cute gift these would make... as a complete set or just one with some teas and things. I'll take sinceri-tea and tranquili-tea (more for the colors than the sentiments... too bad there's no superficiali-tea for me!)

Chiara said...

Dear Sweet Rosemary,

I love herbal teas and teas at any time of the day. When I feel sleepy and in need for a boost of energy, I like to enjoy a nice hot cup of cappuccino with a thick layer of frothy milk sprinkled with cocoa powder...

I like the entire set of cups and the colour combination. My favourite colour is purple but at the moment I would like a bit of light blue tranquili-tea, as my life at the moment is quite hectic.


merrilymarylee said...

These are so clever and cheery. They look heavy enough to keep tea very hot--most important to me!

Choose just one? Not a possibili-tea!

brooke said...

These cups are very cool!