Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Life's Little Instruction Book page 144 + Happy Thanksgiving

The Turkey Day countdown has begun. I worked on my grocery list all day yesterday and finally went to the market around 5:30. I got a great parking spot, whizzed through the store, found everything I needed, got in line behind one woman who was almost finished checking out, helped bag my 4 sacks, loaded the car easily since there was a street lamp overhead, and got home at 6:30. I've always had good luck shopping at the dinner hour. Our weather has been quite warm for this time of year in New Jersey. It is drizzling rain this morning so I'm glad I did a load of laundry yesterday that dried nicely on the line.
Have a safe trip if you are traveling and enjoy the holiday tomorrow. Don't forget #477 above. Happy Thanksgiving from the cottage. Rosemary

Content in a Cottage


Gail, in northern California said...

Isn't it wonderful when things get done like clockwork...even your laundry and the weather cooperated with your schedule. I hope this means that once the hens are in the oven, you'll be able to put your feet up for a little while. You've earned some R&R.

Wish I could join you. You make me feel as though I, or anyone else, would be most welcome with a hearty, "Pull up a chair!"

Best to Mr. Webster.

Deanna said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Rosemary!

Sue said...

I'm an early (EARLY) morning shopper. By afternoon, the stores here are PACKED. Ugh.
Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.....