Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday around the cottage on Columbus Day Weekend . . .

It was too wet to paint my new fence yesterday. Today looks much better according to the weather report. We'll see how it shapes up after the morning mist burns off. I'm looking forward to opening that brand new can of white paint! This is my balcony earlier this summer.

It's Columbus Day Weekend and I hope you are going to spend some time in the country. The fall color is just beginning to pop at my house but it is in full swing as you drive farther north.

I love this open porch with the painted floor and the beautiful view. The benches are very special on either side of the farm table. The whole setting is very nice.

I've always loved this Picasso quote. I made this illustrated quote and published it on my blog earlier this year. Yesterday I helped put up a hand rail going up to the loft above my garage. I learned something new by helping the carpenter.

I took this photo of a maple leaf in full fall color with a black fleece blanket as the background. It's more fun to photograph the leaves that it is to rake them!

Wooden blocks with words of wisdom stamped on all sides. These would be fun to make out of scrap lumber.

"Do something everyday that you don’t want to do; this is the golden rule for acquiring the habit of doing your duty without pain."

Have a great holiday weekend. Thanks for stopping by the cottage. ♥Rosemary

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Sue said...

You have such a beautiful setting.....
Good idea for a background for photographing the leaf,
Have a great weekend, Rosemary! said...

That IS a great quote! Funny AND true.