Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Life's Little Instruction Book, page 138 + some of my favorite things . . .

Brooke Astor's study designed by Albert Hadley. You know how much I love leather bound books and bookshelves!

A little Photoshop fun with a moth from an antiquarian print superimposed on one of my cement pots.

Don't forget to drain all your outside faucets so they don't freeze over the winter. I haven't shut off the water from the inside yet...yesterday was absolutely gorgeous.

I wear my Wellies daily; in the morning when the dew or frost is still on the grass and on evening walks with Webster. Actually, they are my favorite outdoor footwear for tromping around the cottage grounds.

A load of wash my mother hung out to dry. She always wears jumpers and flannel nighties. She hangs her clothes in a random sort of way. I could never do that. I have to hang all the towels together, all the socks together, all the pillowcases together, etc. After the house is painted in the spring, I want to hang that awful ladder from a rafter in the garage and plant something nice against the foundation.

Several people have been asking for pictures of Webster. These are not new, but they are good ones of the wonder dog.

I don't look forward to the dead brown winter grass. I wonder why Webster wasn't wearing one of his coats? Must have been warm that day.

This is definitely a spring or summer photo as you can see from the bird's nest in the background.

The carpenter is gone and Webster misses him. Thanks for stopping by the cottage for a few photos and a page from our favorite book. ♥Rosemary

Content in a Cottage


Sue said...

Webster has the MOST wonderful full of expression.

I have to agree with you on the laundry----my husband teases me endlessly about how "perfect" I have to have things hung. And yes, I DO have a life......just a very neat one!

Mountain Thyme said...

You have the most wonderful blog. I enjoy it every day. So it is cold in New Jersey too? I would love to have a library like that one in your post. But, to me anyway, that picture makes it look like nobody reads any of those books. Although, whoever had that huge, perfect library, probably had somebody around to straighten all those books and keep them nice and neat. Don't you think?

Gal Friday said...

That "instruction"(#459! Almost to the end!) could apply to e-mails, online comments and the internet in general...hmmmm..
The dead brown grass in the one Webster photo made a chill go down my spine--I don't look forward to that, either.

Millie said...

Great to see the Wonder Dog Rosemary - that face is so beauooootiful! I'm not a neat freak but like you I like some order on the clothes line. And like Sue, MOTH teases me endlessly about it! Your shot of the washing line brought back memories of all the babies things hung out endlessly. They were the days when we used terry cloth diapers & with 3 babies under 3, I used to hang out hundreds of the blessed things!
Millie ^_^