Sunday, June 7, 2009

Full moon in June + Life's Little Instruction Book, page 100 . . .

There was a beautiful "harvest moon" last night that looked very much like one you would see in the fall. I took a photo and played around with it this morning. Is that Mars to the lower left? My camera lens was zoomed out to 200. Now I want a telescope! Maybe I will find one at an estate sale. I am hopelessly addicted to anything with a long lens. I wish I could have captured the detail of the man-in-the-moon that I saw with my eyes.

We are quickly approaching the end of this book. Boo Hoo!

...To be continued...

I am later than usual getting this Sunday Morning post together. I am trying to get more balance in my life and that includes less computer time. Plus I don't want to be so predictable. I will still do a daily post but at different times each day. It's summer and I want to enjoy it.

Have a wonderful day. The sun is finally shining after a week of rain. Hooray!

Content in a Cottage


Cris LaRue said...

Rosemary this is a phenomenal photo! I have to admit that I didn't even notice the full moon last night. I'm glad you captured it so beautifully. Enjoy your Sunday. xoxo

gail, northern California said...

It's odd, really...When something you enjoy becomes demanding, it somehow loses some of its lustre. You might even begin to resent it, it's an intrusion. When the rest of your life is fairly stressful and demanding, and you're conscientious, you suddenly realize you've managed to create another layer of commitment...promises not spoken but made nevertheless to your daily visitors.

It seems you've found the only when the mood strikes you. We can wait. ;-)

flavius darius frant said...

Nice photo :)

Melanie Kissell said...


Your photo is mesmerizing. As a photographer, you have a bucket full of talent!

I'm a brand new subscriber to your blog. Lucky for me, our paths have crossed. I've had a lifelong dream to reside in a cottage and to be surrounded by my most precious collections.

You are an inspiration, a ray of hope, and breath of fresh cottage air!


Millie said...

Sorry Rosemary, but you're not let off the hook THAT easily, as it's Winter here! Fully concur with Melanie's comments, you are a true star in the blog Heavens my friend.
Millie ^_^