Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Playing around with a new camera lens . . .

Leaf study. This tree gets a flower that looks like an orchid.

Pink geranium.

Wild raspberry leaves.

Lamb's ears (again).

Japanese maple.


I got a new lens for my camera and played around with it last evening. Sorry to be boring you so much lately with my photos. I think I either have to move or buy some flowers since I have photographed everything I can on my property. Guess I will do the latter. The soil should warm up with the nice weather that's coming.

I can't believe it's almost Memorial Day. Time for some hot dogs, hamburgers, and watermelon. Are you celebrating at home or going away? North, south, east, west...home's best!

Content in a Cottage


Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

Just found you on Twitter and love your blog. I too cannot believe it is almost Decoration Day.
We will be going to the cemeteries in honor of all those who have passed and having a family picnic in the back yard afterward ~ Burgers, dogs, watermelon, and of course potato salad. :-)
Your photos are beautiful one can never have enough of these beautiful specimens!
Have a wonderful day,
~ Rebecca

SarahB said...

I never tire of pictures of Webster! And I like your leaf study too!

Gal Friday said...

Your photos aren't ever boring at all! I always think to myself how beautiful they are and make my own photographic attempts look so amateurish in comparison. These plant close-up shots are so full of life and like entering another world--like they could be in a book (called Rosemary's Garden)
We have a party to go to Sat. evening this weekend(sadly, a going away party for a friend deploying to Iraq)and Rachel will march with her school band in the parade on Memorial Day in the morning, and but otherwise--I am staying put at home(plenty to do in the yard and if the weather's good--a hammock to lie in)

jaz said...

it sure is warm here....almost 90 degrees! two days ago we had frost. i will be making st. louis ribs, potato salad and cole slaw for memorial day. not sure yet what dessert will velvet cake? maybe i will churn some ice cream! enjoy your holiday!!!

Sue said...

I agree with SarahB-how could one ever tire of pictures of Webster. And, I love the pictures of your yard. So, keep on snapping!

PammyJ said...

I love your photos! I wish I'd had you AND your new lens as I visited Butchart Gardens this week - check out my photos on my blog!

Millie said...

Rosemary these results with your new camera lens are just magical. And yes, I'm in agreement with everyone else, I never tire of your photos, they are always exquisite.
Millie ^_^