Saturday, May 23, 2009

More random photos from the cottage . . .

House wren peeking out at me.

House wren sitting on the fence.

Buttercups. Remember holding these under your chin?

Webster or Mr. Handsome.

Tabitha. I don't know why her eyes are two different colors.

Dogs are so smart. I was outside the screen door and
noticed that Webster was using a shadow as sunglasses.

I got this birdbath at my friend's garage sale.
It is way tall and is made from a garbage can lid.
I love it. No bathers yet.

Content in a Cottage


jaz said...

great birdbath..if you put some stones in it that come close to the surface the birds will use it much more. it took me years to realize birds don't swim!

~melinda~ said...

Petey has a blue eye and a green eye. I dont know why.. I can see the difference in kitty's eyes, but just barely! I love the birdys! I used to feed the sparrows and always thought of them as babies because there were so little... they got so they would be there when I came out to feed them! They knew!! so fun to watch!

Sue said...

That wren is sweet.
I love your birdbath too! What a great idea....
And it's Webster the Handsome...not "or Mr." LOL
Enjoyed the photos. Have a great weekend Rosemary.

Gal Friday said...

Fun photos from your cottage garden!

brooke said...

I love how you show your camera how to capture the world in such awesome ways. Have a great weekend!