Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Food Day -- Bloggers Fighting Hunger

Please help us fight hunger in the US by supporting either your local food bank, or Feeding America, a national food bank with 200 members across the United States.

Click on the April Food Day image above and you will be redirected to the page with a secure link for donating to the humanitarian organization

Every dollar you contribute provides 7 meals or 10 pounds of food. A $25 gift provides 175 meals. If each of us who has a blog writes something on April 1 and asks our readers to contribute, imagine the difference we could make in our communities.

If you would like to help, copy my post or write a similar article on your blog April lst, and ask your readers to donate to Feeding America.

Provide a link to the original blog, April Food Day
, and they will link back to your blog and to your post.

Thank you on behalf of America's hungry.

Content in a Cottage


Pigtown-Design said...

Thank you so much!

Linda said...

If $1 buys 7 meals, why does $25 only buy 75 meals? What am I missing here . . .

Content in a Cottage said...

Linda...thanks for catching my type. It should have been 175 meals. I changed the number in my blog post. Thanks for proof reading for me! Rosemary