Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Prosperous New Year To You

I saved this greeting to my computer a year ago when I did not have a blog. I have no idea where this 105 year old calligraphic image originated or I would give proper credit.

I am told by my friends who have grandchildren that in some school kids don't even learn cursive writing these days. Is that true? I loved penmanship in grammar school where I was taught the Palmer Method using a real ink pen that was dipped into a bottle of ink.

Actually I find myself writing less and less with my fountain pen and that makes me sad. There is really nothing more beautiful than fine penmanship on nice paper.

Before this day is over in my time zone, I want to send my thanks for all of your words of encouragement that please me no end. Another blogger was able to articulate this sentiment perfectly and I quote,

"To all those people who have commented or sent emails to which I've not replied because I was too busy or too lazy or forgot, and to the rest of the faceless silent hordes who traipse through this rest-stop and who, like me, find some measure of beauty or solace or interesting weirdness in this crazy world among the illustrated cultural history we are privileged to have access to online, I wish a peaceful and happy new year." I couldn't have said it better! Thanks, Peacay of BibliOdyssey

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Joanne said...

A beautiful greeting. I fear cursive may some day become a lost art too. I remember my kids' 4th grade teacher, who insisted every single assignment be completed in cursive. No printing allowed the entire year. She was a gem.

Candy said...

Beautiful! And Happy New Year to you, too!