Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Little Prince illustrated quote . . .

Quote from The Little Prince, one of my favorite books.

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susanlambert said...

beautiful quote. Certainly something we wish people would remember. It's the heart that is beautiful. Funny thing is I said that to my daughter yesterday. She commented on a young lady (size three) who said she (the young lady) is 'chubby' and my daughter told her no she isn't and look around her and she will see that. I laughed and told my daughter she should have told the young lady, 'it's what's in your heart that makes beauty'

kimmirich said...

Lovely quote!!! And a very sweet picture. Thank you for sharing!

SarahB said...

oh, one of my all time favorite quotes, and books. When I was a kid they showed a movie at the Christmas Spectacular at Rock Center and The Little Prince was what they showed when I went one year!