Sunday, January 4, 2009

2008 Lists of Top Design Blogs, Best Design Articles, Free Downloads and More . . .

Top 90 Design Blogs Ranked by Alexa

Top 25 Ad Blogs for 2008 Ranked by Alexa

Best Design Articles 2008
This site has numerous tutorials & downloads.
It's my favorite site of all!

2008 List of Lists in Every Imaginable Category

You will have to bookmark this post in order to peruse all of these lists. I have barely scratched the surface myself. I found the first two Alexa lists while reading The Denver Egotist and the last two by doing a Google Search. Have fun and don't hate me too much when you get lost reading and clicking. Plowing through everything will be almost like reading the entire internet. I love year-end lists of all kinds, especially the ones that might help me improve my own blog. Enjoy!

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Sabina said...

My best New Year wishes to you Rosemary!!

I am having so much fun checking out all the posts I have missed over the last few weeks. You never disappoint. :)

This is a great find. I can't wait to look at this list of blogs!!

Kyle said...

Thanks for the comments on observin :) I find great blogs then subscribe to their rss feed, makes it easy to find posts I find useful.