Saturday, December 20, 2008

Korean Jar sells for almost $4.2 Million at Auction . . .

WOW! No recession here!

San Francisco, California:
International interest pushed the price for a circa 1800 Korean jar to nearly $4.2 million at Bonhams & Butterfields on December 9, 2008 setting a new auction world record.

The rare Joseon dynasty Korean blue and white porcelain jar was sold over the telephone, to an unidentified Asian buyer after a hotly contested bidding war among more than 12 clients, bidding from the salesroom floor and via telephones.

The mid-Joseon dynasty jar was discovered by Asian art department director Dessa Goddard in a monthly appraisal event held at the company's Sunset Boulevard gallery in Los Angeles. The jar was formerly in the collection of Mrs. Fiske Warren of Boston, part of the Mount Vernon Street Warren family. It has been in a family member's Southern California home for decades.

The jar was part of a worldwide tour prior to the auction. Its pre-auction estimate was $200/300,000, and the final selling price, including buyer's premium, was $4,184,000.

"We recognized that the subject matter of the Warren jar is unique," said Goddard. "One other jar in the Osaka Museum has a depiction of San Shin [mountain spirit] and his tiger; the Warren jar shows a bearded San Shin in the act of pulling the tiger's tail while basking under a pine tree, sun and clouds. The subject of the vase, together with its masterfully executed brush work, makes the jar of great importance to collectors of Korean art."

"Take care of your antiques and they will take care of you."

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kate said...

The jar looks like a kimchi jar to me, i used to own and antique store in the 80's and sold alot of oriental antiques, (mostly because i loved to buy them) I still have a few great pieces. Kimchi jar was made for the purpose of making kimchi, (like sauerkraut) you put cabbage, spices and vinager in pot bury it in the ground to the neck up and put the lid on , the ground in korea, gets to over 100 degrees and ferments into the kimchi, which is a staple of their diet. best to you ....thanks kate

kate said...

p.s. i love all your flower and kitty photos on your blog

Millie said...

Gosh Rosemary, I would have one of those stashed away in the house somewhere! Now MOTH's turned 60 I must get him appraised to see if his value's increased!!
Millie ^_^