Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Who's The Boss today? . . .

Bruce Springsteen, aka The Boss, spent some quality time with Barack Obama and his daughter Sasha last month in Ohio.

I love this photograph. Everyone looks so happy and so normal!

I can't wait to meet the "First Puppy" ~ the girls really earned this promised reward.

Congratulations to all of us.

Source: FameCrawler

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Gal Friday said...

That is a wonderful photo--mostly because of the look on Sasha's face(I think that is her name! I will have to get the First Family's names straight very soon). Last night, I was thinking that The Obama's have such adorable, beautiful little girls, and then I also noticed Biden's grandaughters on the stage in Chicago. The White House will have plenty of cute little girls hanging around, won't they?
Ah, yes...the new puppy! I wonder what kind of dog they will adopt. I say they should adopt a Boston Terrier or Dachund. :-)

Diane said...

I am so happy I can't stop crying -- it is a wonderful day for the USA and the world...